Order of the Arrow

Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge


Centurion Award

Click here for Centurion Award Resources and forms.

Vigil Nomination Form

Form must be submitted to nominate arrowmen for the Vigil Honor.

2015 Vigil Honor Nomination Form

Adult Ordeal Candidate Nomination Form

Adult Ordeal Candidate Nomination Form



Event (Location)
Ordeal registrations within 48 hours
of the event will incur a late fee. 
Ceremony Development Day  Feb. 7
Fellowship @ Worth Ranch  March 6-8
SR2-3N Conclave  April 17-19  Register
Ordeal @ Sid Richardson  May 1-3
Ordeal @ Camp Tahuaya  May 15-17
NOAC (possibly August 2-9 with travel)  Aug. 3-8
Ordeal @ Worth Ranch  Aug. 14-16
Ordeal @ Sid Richardson  Sept. 18-20
Lodge Leadership Development  Nov. 13-15
Winter Ordeal @ Camp Tahuaya  Dec. 4-6
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Position Officer Advisors
Lodge Chief James Caden Bill Pinkerton
1st Vice Chief of Chapter Coordination Sammy Calkins
2nd Vice Chief of Inductions Andrew Busby
3rd Vice Chief of Programs Connor Schee
4th Vice Chief of Ceremonies and Dance Dillon Blackshare
Lodge Secretary Matthew Ray
Immediate Past Chief Sam Mitchell
Staff Advisor Marcus Kuhns
NOAC 2015 Oliver Davidson Zack Wisch


National Order of the Arrow Web Site

OA Troop/Team Representative Resources

High Adventure Treks for Arrowmen

Looking for a lodge form?

Onward Arrowman Award (For all Arrowmen)
Scholarship belt buckle order
Lodge Funds Proposal
Monthly Chapter Report
Innovation Award
Founder’s Award
Ceremony Team Application
2014 Season Pass Form

Where to Go Camping Submission

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Candidate Information

Anyone who has been elected in the current calendar year is eligible to participate in one of the lodge’s scheduled ordeals this year. Candidates are generally called out at their district’s spring camporee and will receive a registration form, ordeal information and a block of wood to carve an arrow.

Candidate Invitation Letter to Ordeals
What do I do with my block of wood?

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