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Leave No Trace/Outdoor Ethics

Boy Scouting is designed to take place outdoors. It is in the outdoor setting that Scouts share responsibilities and learn to live with one another. It is here that the skills and activities practiced at troop meetings come alive with purpose. Being close to nature helps Boy Scouts gain an appreciation for God’s handiwork and humankind’s place in it. The outdoors is the laboratory for Boy Scouts to learn ecology and practice conservation of nature’s resources.

BSA is committed to offering various levels of Leave No Trace training to help ensure we conserve our outdoor resources while still enjoying the Scouting program.

Outdoor Ethics Awareness Workshop

Awareness workshops can include any type of formal training that is one day or less in length. These presentations may be anything from 30-minute chats about the Leave No Trace principles to full-day workshops.

101 Course – At University of Scouting

This 3-4 hours course is a general introduction to the Leave No Trace ethics and skills to those with little prior exposure to it.  The course is designed to help youth and adults at all program levels to understand the general principles of Leave No Trace and how to apply them in the general BSA outdoor program.  It is also designed to give adult volunteers the confidence to assess youth understanding and skills for purposes of signing off on Boy Scout/Varsity Scout Second Class and First Class rank requirements and Venturing Outdoor Bronze and Ranger Award requirements.

Trainer Course 

This 16-hour, overnight course trains interested Scouts (ages 14 and up) and Scouters to serve as Leave No Trace Trainers.  Trainers are the backbone of Scouting’s outdoor ethics program, providing instruction to individuals and units wishing to adopt cutting-edge outdoor ethics into their unit programs.  Trainers are specially commissioned to teach the BSA Leave No Trace 101 Course and to qualify individuals for the BSA Leave No Trace Awareness Card.  Completion of this course is required for a youth to hold the Boy Scout/Varsity Scout Leave No Trace Trainer position of responsibility in their unit.  Each BSA Trainer course is taught by a recognized Leave No Trace Master Educator, so your Trainer standing is recognized nationally by BSA’s partner, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

Master Educator Course

This five-day, five-night course trains interested Scouters (ages 18 and up) to serve as Leave No Trace Master Educators.  Master Educators work with their council’s Outdoor Ethics Advocate to provide Leave No Trace Trainer, BSA Leave No Trace 101 and outdoor ethics awareness courses.  Each BSA Master Educator course is taught by a set of nationally-designated Master Educator Instructors, so your Master Educator standing is recognized nationally by BSA’s partner, the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Prerequisite:  Leave No Trace Trainer or approval from your council Outdoor Ethics Advocate.


Outdoor Ethics Awareness & Achievement Awards:

Cub Scout & Scouters

Boy Scout & Scouters

Varsity Scout & Scouters

Venturer & Scouters

Leave No Trace Awareness Award for Cub Scouts & Adult Leaders

**This award has been phased out; patches are no longer being produced.**

Leave No Trace Achievement Award for Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts & Adult Leaders

National Medal for Outdoor Achievement

Hornaday Award


Scheduled courses will be listed on the Council’s Training Calendar. Please contact your District’s Master Educator if you need help finding a course. If your District is not listed, contact the Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate.

District Name Email
Brazos Valley Paula Church santafelnt@yahoo.com
Chisholm Trail George Covert covertmission@aol.com
Chisholm Trail Tom Glennon tjglennon@earthlink.net
Cross Timbers District Michael Vreeland mvreeland@sbcglobal.net
Indian Nations District Dennis Rose drose@mfisd.txed.net
Lakeview District Chandra Clark lakeviewLNT@gmail.com
Leon Valley District George Covert covermission@aol.com
Leon Valley District Tom Glennon tjglennon@earthlink.net
Roadrunner District Kevin Johnson kevinjohnson8454@yahoo.com
Santa Fe District Paula Church santafelnt@yahoo.com
Tejas District Michael Vreeland mvreeland@sbcglobal.net
Trailblazer District Ray Pierce ray.pierce@att.net
Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate Chandra Clark LakeviewLNT@gmail.com



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