College of Commissioner Science



The next College of Commissioner Science will be in August of 2015. The catalog of courses will be available closer to the event.

Every Scouting unit deserves a trained Commissioner!

Every commissioner that serves in a district or council capacity must set an example for both the leaders and the boys that they serve. The National BSA organization has crafted training materials that will help each commissioner to be up-to-date and knowledgeable about policies and procedures, to be skilled in offering support, and to be effective in the best way to serve.

Have you ever been captivated by someone who knows how to do things that you would like to be able to do? The most experienced Scouters make the best instructors – but, as a commissioner, they are also sitting beside you, participating in the College of Commissioner Science (CCS).
Come join with your colleagues in Scouting. You can earn a Bachelor’s degree in Scouting by taking 7 courses from the selection offered at the CCS. You can do that in a single day of training at our Longhorn Council College of Commissioner Science. It also takes 7 other courses for you to earn your Master’s degree in Scouting. The Master’s curriculum at our CCS will allow you to earn this degree in a single day, as well. The Doctoral degree in Scouting requires 10 courses, plus you must teach other Scouters and you must write a thesis on a Scouting topic. Of course, you must be an active commissioner having given sufficient service to merit these high awards.
Join the other commissioners of the Longhorn Council by participating in this year’s CCS. Be part of the movement. Come to CCS!
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