Commissioner Service

Commissioner Service is a key part of the Scouting organization. The job of your volunteer unit Commissioner is to help YOUR unit succeed and grow in its mission to bring Scouting’s values to the youth in your community. Unit Commissioners usually have considerable experience in Scouting. They take special training and attend special conferences to help them prepare to help you with rechartering, communication, recruiting, and problem solving.

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Commissioners College

Longhorn Council’s College of Commissioner Science will be a full day of learning and fellowship with opportunities to complete the Commissioner Basic training courses or more detailed courses at the Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate level.  You can read additional information about the event.


Texas Christian University
Smith Entrepreneurs Hall
2805 West Lowden Street
Fort Worth, TX 76109

Who Can Attend?

Any registered Scouter, including District Commissioners, Assistant District Commissioners,Unit Commissioners, Roundtable Commissioners and their Staff, and all who are interested in supporting Scouting through Commissioner Service.

What is Offered?

The theme of the college is that “Every leader deserves a well-trained Commissioner.”
This theme is an echo of the idea the “Every boy deserves a well-trained leader.”  There are four levels of training offered.

  • Commissioner BasicThe following three commissioner basic classes will be offered:
    –       Unit Commissioner Basic Training
    –       New Unit Commissioner Basic Training
    –       New DC and ADC Commissioner training
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commissioner Science
    This program deals with specifics topics related to helping the unit leaders.  Examples of the available classes include: Unit Charter Renewal; Unit Visitation; Practical Solutions to Common Unit Needs; Effective Roundtables; and Serving Scouts with Special Needs.
  • Master’s Degree in Commissioner Science
    This program is designed to help Commissioners as they take on more responsibility and greater challenges.  Examples of the available classes include: Commissioner Lifesaving; Counseling Skills; District Commissioners; Recruiting New Commissioners; and Administration of Roundtable.
  • Doctoral Degree in Commissioner Science
    The doctoral degree is the capstone of the Commissioner College experience.  It involves the planning and execution of a research dissertation or project that will benefit scouting.  Examples of the courses that will help you prepare for this challenge include: Selecting the Project; Limiting the Scope; Writing the Report.

Lunch Speaker

We are inviting a leader from the National Commissioner Staff to be our lunchtime speaker.


If you know everything, then come and teach.  If you are new, then come and learn.  If you are somewhere in the middle, then come and do both.

Degree Prerequisites

Bachelor’s Degree

Current BSA Registration as a Commissioner or Scouter, Completion of Commissioner Basic Training, Complete 7 courses of instruction from class schedule, 5 of which must be from Bachelors program level.

Master’s Degree

Completion of bachelor’s degree or have been awarded the Commissioners Key, Earned Arrowhead Honor, current BSA registration as a commissioner, complete 7 additional classes of instruction from class schedule, all of which must be from the masters program level at the Commissioners College.

Doctor’s Degree

5 doctors level classes will be offered.

Recharter Online

Electronic rechartering is here! Internet Rechartering is a Web-based method for units to renew their charters from any online location—at home or at the office. Units will love this new method; it’s easy, convenient, and accurate because you enter the information yourself!

Click here for the Unit Charter Renewal Service UCRS Information Page.

Distinguished Commissioner Service Award

The Distinguished Commissioner Service Award recognizes the outstanding and essential service to Scouting of our volunteer Commissioners. Click here to download a PDF copy of the application for the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award: Distinguished Commissioner Service Award Application.

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