Donate Equipment to the Camps

The Longhorn Council operates 7 large and small camps for our Scouts and units for weekend camping trips, weekend programs, and summer camp programs. We accept donations of many items that help in the operation and maintenance of our many camps and facilities.

Membership in the Boy Scouts of America during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood plays a major role in shaping character and values and the use of these values in daily life. Take a stand on character, values, and integrity in support of our young people by making a contribution to the Longhorn Council today. It’s the smartest investment you can make, an investment in the greatest asset America has—its children. Scroll down or clink on these links to see examples of donations that will help support and improve our Camps and Scouting programs:


Backhoes To help our camp rangers with construction and building projects, and road, water, and septic maintenance projects. Should be operable, with engine, hydraulics, and body in very good condition, with clear title.
Forklifts To help our camp rangers with warehouse, construction and building projects. Should be operable, with engine, hydraulics, and body in very good condition, with clear title. Contact
Tractors and Mowers To help our camp rangers with building, maintenance and mowing, and to pull flatbed trailers for the popular Cub Scout Haunted Hayrides every October. Should be commercial grade, operable and in good condition, with clear title. Contact
Trailers To help our camp rangers, leaders, and camp staffs move program equipment and supplies for our many Scouting and Camping programs and activities. Flat bed 16’ – 20’ trailers, box trailers, gooseneck trailers, and horse trailers, etc. Should be operable and in very good condition, with clear title. Contact
Trucks Pickups, work trucks, one-ton or larger flat bed trucks for camp rangers and camp staff. Should be operable, with engine and body in very good condition, with clear title. Contact
Sailboats Small and midsize, 12’ – 26’ – especially Catalina 22’s, Zuma’s, Sunfish, etc. Contact For large sailboats over 35’ Contact Jeff Peters, Jeff Peters, 817-231-8503.
Ski & Wakeboard Boats For use by our Scouts in our skiing and wakeboarding programs. Must be in very good condition, both engine and body. Contact
Pontoon Boats Larger pontoon boats in good condition, with engine over 40 hp, to serve the thousands of Scouts and Venture Crew members who participate in our Chisholm Trail Adventure program. Contact
Computers, Cameras, Software, & Electronics Desktop computers, laptops, servers, external hard drives, wireless routers, large screen televisions, satellite phones, LCD projectors, large graphics monitors, high end digital cameras, Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft, or other software, blank printable CD-Rs or DVDs, etc., for use by our rangers, camp directors, camp staff, web site staff, and office staff. Fully functional, reasonably new, in excellent condition. Windows 2000 or XP, processor speed above 500 mhz. Older model computers are not needed. Contact Linda Presley,, 817-231-8505; or Jeff Peters, 817-231-8503.
Property & Mineral Rights Property and mineral rights to augment our existing camps or to help build the Longhorn Council’s Boy Scout Foundation endowment funds that will help to provide for the major camping and program needs of our Scouts for years to come. Contact Michael Wright,
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Commercial grade convection ovens, warming towers, tilting skillets, steamers, dishwashers, salad bars, reach-in coolers & freezers, countertops, shelving, etc.
Construction, Lumber, Building, and Farm Supplies For camp construction projects. Lumber, plywood, fasteners, plumbing and fixtures, hand and power tools, Fence panels, gates, fence posts, concrete, warehouse shelving, etc. Contact
Canoes, Kayaks, and Other Boats ABS or aluminum canoes, recent models of whitewater, flatwater, touring, or sea kayaks, rowboats, rowing sculls, airboats, etc., for use by our Scouts in our river and lake boating programs. Must be in very good condition.
Vans 12 to 16 passenger vans in excellent condition. Should be operable, with engine and body in very good condition, safe to carry Scouts on major highways, with clear title.
4×4 “mules” Small workhorse 4×4 off-road cargo carriers to help camp rangers with remote maintenance projects. Should be operable, with engine and body in very good condition, with clear title. Contact
Shooting Sports Equipment Rifles, shotguns, automatic Skeet throwers, black powder rifles, archery equipment, etc. Must be in top condition, almost new – for our Scouts to use as they learn proper shooting and safety techniques on our ranges. Donated firearms must be approved by our Shooting Sports Committee and inspected by a gunsmith.
Wagons Chuck Wagons, Conestoga wagons, freight wagons, stagecoaches – any 19th century period wagon in very good condition with good, operating wheels and axles.
Saddles and Tack Should be in good condition, for our use by the Scouts in our riding programs. Contact
Tarps, Tents, and Camping Stoves Tents, Tarps, camping gear, camping stoves, etc. New and almost new. Contact
Miscellaneous Program Equipment Donate commercial food, charcoal, skis, wakeboards, etc. – anything we use at our camps. Adopt an entire construction project like a camp picnic shelter (small), dining hall (large!), or other major building project. Anything not listed in other categories is miscellaneous.
Used Scout Uniforms For Scouts in need. Each of the Council Service Centers has an old uniform closet for Scouts in need. Drop uniform donations by your local service center or give them to your nearest Pack or Troop. To find the nearest Pack or Troop, email Kevin Steffy,
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