Camp Maps, Campsite and Facility Information

For directions maps showing how to get to Longhorn Council camps, Scout Shops, or council offices, click here:  DIRECTIONS MAPS: How to get to there

Click on the links below for detailed campsite and facility maps of all Longhorn Council camps. The maps show the locations of each camp’s facilities, established campsites, general field camping areas, latrines with seasonal water (spring-summer-fall), latrines without water, summer camp showers, winterized year-round water sources, and more. Note that all water sources except winterized year-round sources are turned off from November 1 to April 1 to prevent freeze damage.

Information and capacities  for each campsite are on a Campsite Capacities and Information page for each camp. These pages list estimate campsite maximum capacities, show which sites have water, shelters, and latrines, and list some information notes for the campsites in each Longhorn Council camp. We hope this information will help units make weekend camping reservations in the online reservation system.

All campsite assignments are made through the online weekend reservation system.  Reservations are not made through the camp rangers. Reservations for multiple campsites and entire camps must be made by the Camping Registrar (use the weekend camping reservation paper form).

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Camp Jim Braley Campsite Capacities and Information
Camp Jim Braley Map
Braley Map – less color (gif)
Braley Printable Map (PDF file)

Hills & Hollows
Hills and Hollows Campsite Capacities and Information
Hills and Hollows Map
Hills & Hollows Map – print map (gif)
Hills & Hollows Printable Map (PDF file)

Sid Richardson Scout Ranch
SR2 Campsite Capacities and Information

SR2 Campsite Map (large!)
SR2 Backpacking Trail Map (large JPEG, 271 KB, 150 dpi)
SR2 Backpacking Trail Map (PDF, 317 KB, 100 dpi)

SR2 Map – less color (gif)

SR2 Main Camp Map (camps 9 and 10 – gif)
SR2 Main Camp Map (PDF file)

SR2 Camp 8 & Stripling Island Map (gif)
SR2 Camp 8 & Stripling Island Map (PDF file)

SR2 Peninsula Map (Tower, COPE, Lakeview gif)
SR2 Peninsula Map (PDF file)

SR2 West Map (Buchanan Springs, Hermit’s Cave gif)
SR2 West Map (PDF file)

Camp Shuler Capacities and Information
Camp Shuler Map
Shuler Map – print map (gif)
Shuler Print Map (PDF)

Camp Tahuaya Campsite Capacities and Information
Camp Tahuaya Map
Tahuaya Map – less color (gif)
Tahuaya Printable Map (PDF file)

Worth Ranch
Worth Ranch Campsite Capacities and Information
Worth Ranch Map
Worth Ranch Map, entire camp – less color (gif)
Worth Ranch Main Camp Map – less color( gif)
Worth Ranch and McLure ranch Print Map (pdf)

Worth Ranch Main Camp Printable Map (PDF file)

Worth Ranch and Kyle Mountain Trail Map (PDF file)

Worth Ranch Main Camp and Campsites TOPO Map (PDF file)

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