Sporting Clays Outpost

The shooting area is a modified National Sporting Clays Association “5-Stand” course. We emphasize good basic shooting skills, including gun safety, hand/eye coordination, shouldering the gun, and tracking a moving target correctly. Each participant will shoot 40 shots.

You’ll shoot 35 – 50 targets at the Sporting Clays Outpost. The course is set up as a modified “Five-Stand.”

Our Briley Matarelli throwers each hold 300 clay pigeons and are triggered electonically.  The Matarelli throwers make it easy to throw large numbers of targets very quickly.

Sporting Clays is a shotgun shooting sport in which skeet/clay pigeons are presented to the shooter in the flight pattern of real game birds or rabbits. Each station is set up to simulate the flight patterns of different types of game birds.

Participants may shoot additional practice rounds for an extra fee that will cover the cost of shells and clay pigeons. All ammunition, clay pigeons, equipment, and safety gear are provided. Crews will cook backpacking meals at this outpost.

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