AREA 51 Outpost


An alien ship from the radiation zone has been shot down by an Air Force space fighter. The CDC has confirmed that the aliens are carriers of the zombie proto-virus. Your visiting mission team has been chosen to clean the threat and sanitize the area.  Your mission:

  • Plot the incoming radar tracks.
  • Locate the landing sites.
  • Locate and neutralize the dead aliens.
    • Secure the area to prevent the the spread of the virus.
    • Neutralize any carriers of the virus.
    • Locate and sanitize the alien ship.
    • Don’t get bitten.
    • Don’t feed the zombies.

Your visiting mission team will train with M-16 replica paintball rifles with laser sights, and full safety gear. Then you’ll move out to complete your mission. All equipment, paintball, safety gear, and meals are provided.


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