Leader’s Guides

In order to maximize your time at camp and enjoy your experience to the fullest, make sure you download the Leader’s Guide for your specific camp. Also, pay special attention to the specific Texas Youth Protection Requirements for adult.

Leaders Guides:

Fees, Schedules, & Information 2015

Worth Ranch 2014 Leader’s Guide 1.1 MB (rev. 1 May 5)
Chisholm Trail Adventure 2014 Leader’s Guide 750K
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch 2014 Leader’s Guide 1 MB (rev. 1 May 14)
Camp Tahuaya 2014 Leader’s Guide 3.9 MB

Directions to Sid Richardson Scout Ranch from DFW Airport
Brazos River Canoe Trip Planning Info

Texas Youth Camp Law Requirements

In order to meet the requirements of the Texas Youth Camp Law, all adults (18 and older) attending camp – even if they are substituting for part of a single day – must bring a completed copy of the Camp Adult Information Form. Units must also provide a roster of adults BEFORE arrival at camp.

NOTE: 2012 and 2013 Texas Camp YPT Requirements

Adult Requirements:

1. Texas Camp Adult Roster Spreadsheet. Enter the name, complete address, and DOB for each adult attending camp. MUST be turned in BEFORE arrival at camp.

2. Completed copy of Camp Adult Information Form for EACH adult attending camp for even one day.

All other visitors must be escorted by adults who have met these requirements, or they must provide all the required documentation to the camp director for the camp records.

IMPORTANT NOTES on MB Class Signups:

1. Online MB registration for Camp Tahuaya, Worth Ranch, and Sid Richardson Scout Ranch summer camp merit badge classes. Troops can schedule the youth and adults on their roster for Merit Badge classes and adult training classes on May 29, 2014 at 9 PM.

2. Time Conflicts: Be sure to avoid scheduling your Scouts for more than one class in the same time period. The program will allow you to schedule any class you want – it is up to you to avoid conflicts. If a class is full, USE the Waiting List to show the Program Director how many other Scouts are interested in taking that class. (The Waiting List is not a guarantee of getting in a class.)

3. Class Size Limits and Waiting Lists: When a class reaches its size limit, it will close. You may still put a scout for the Waiting List for the class. However, the Waiting List is NOT a guarantee that the Scout will be in the class. Rather, it indicates to the camp’s Program Director that there is more demand for that class.

If your unit does not get a username and password email, please contact us at camping@longhorn.org.

PLEASE make sure that your unit has provided the correct email address and contact information to our camping registrar. Unless new contact information is sent to the registrar, the MB class signup passwords will be sent to the leader who filled out the summer camp reservation form. If your email address was not readable you may not receive the information.
For more information on camp related questions, contact the Longhorn Council office at 817-231-8500 or camping@longhorn.org. For questions about our high adventure programs, contact Jeff Peters at 817-231-8503, emailsr2@longhorn.org.


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