Camp Staff Jobs


To apply for a summer camp or High Adventure staff position, complete a camp staff application and mail to the Longhorn Council, then interview with a camp director. Fax resumes and applications to: 817-231-8600. For more information contact the Longhorn Council office: 817-231-8537,

Click here for: Camp Staff Application.

2015 STAFF INTERVIEW DATES:   interviews held at the Council Office in Hurst and the Camp Tahuaya Office.

  • November 30,  Sunday, 1-4 PM
  • January 4,  Sunday, 2-5 PM
  • February 15,  Sunday, 2 -5 PM
  • March 15,  Sunday, 1–4 PM


Contact the camp directors.

Camp Tahuaya Michael Marek email Michael Marek
Worth Ranch Charlie Schmidt email Tom Lucas
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Jeff Peters email Jeff Peters
Texas High Adventure Base: Chisholm Trail Adventure & Steele Island Wakeboarding Bryan Stevenson email Bryan Stevenson
Camps & Programs Director Jeff Peters email J. Peters
Camping Registrar Jane Naervez email Camping Registrar



Camp Staff Position List

Minimum Age 21* or OverSUMMER CAMP POSITIONS___Program Director___Aquatics Director___Head Cook___Assistant Cook___Shooting Sports Director___Adult Training Director


___Volunteer Commissioner

___Climbing Director

___Camp Chaplain

___Ranger Assistant

___Snow Ski Director – WR

___Brazos River Canoe Trip Dir.

___ATV Program Director

___Viking Outpost Director

___U.S. Cavalry Outpost Director

___Climbing Outpost Director

___Texas Ranger Outpost Director

___Sporting Clays Director

___Fast Draw Outpost Director

___Scottish Highland Games Director

___Covert Ops Outpost Director

___Area 51 Paintball Director

___Wakeboard & Ski Director

___Logistics Director

___Aquatics Base Director

___COPE Director

___Horsemanship Director

Age 14 and 15

Counselor in Training

Minimum Age 18* or OverSUMMER CAMP POSITIONS___Health Officer **___Dining Hall Director___Outdoor Skills Director___First-Year Camper Director___Crafts Director___Nature/Ecology Director

___Climbing Staff – SR2, WR

___Boat Dir. (Canoe, Row, Kayak)

___Pool Director

___ Photographer / Videographer

___Trading Post Manager

___Archery Director

___Technology Center Dir. – SR2

___F-16 Flight Sim. Dir. – SR2

___Snow Ski Instructor – WR

___Brazos River Canoe Trip Dir.

___Wakeboard & Ski Boat Driver

___Sailing Base Director

___Water Park Director

___ATV Program Staff

___Area 51 Paintball Asst. Director

___Covert Ops Asst. Dir.

___U.S. Cavalry Lieutenant

___Texas Ranger Lieutenant

___Climbing Outpost Staff

___Viking Outpost Asst. Dir.

___Viking Ship Sailing Captain

___Sporting Clays Asst. Dir.

___Fast Draw Outpost Asst. Dir.

___Scottish Highland Games Staff

___Sea Kayaking Staff

Minimum Age 16* or OverSUMMER CAMP POSITIONS___Camp Office Manager___Outdoor Skills Instructor___Crafts Instructor___Nature/Ecology Instructor___Herpetology (Nature) Staff___Pool Staff  / Instructor

___Astronomy Instructor

___F-16 Flight Sim. Staff – SR2

___Technology Staff – SR2

___Trading Post Staff

___Shooting Sports Staff

___Dining Hall Staff

___Boating Staff (Canoeing, Rowing, Kayaks)

___Photography Staff

___Snow Ski staff  (WR)

___Brazos River Canoe Trip Staff

___Wakeboarding/Skiing Instructor

___Sailing / Windsurfing Staff

___Water Park Lifeguard Staff

___ Fast Draw Outpost Staff

___Climbing Staff

___U.S. Cavalry Outpost NCO

___Texas Ranger Outpost NCO

___Covert Ops Staff

___Area 51 Staff

___Scottish Highland Games Staff

___Viking Combat Staff

___Sea Kayaking Staff

___Sporting Clays Staff

*Certain age minimums may be waived with prior camp staff experience. Must be required age by June 1st.

**Health Officer requires either a EMT, EMT-I, Paramedic, Nurse, PA, DO, or MD